Changes in Citizenship rules: the international students could benefit the most

While measuring the impact of changes in citizenship rules, one would understand that the students coming from foreign countries are likely to get affected the most.

The aim of bringing changes
The changes in Citizenship Act are brought so that processing time could be reduced; the requirements for becoming permanent residents could be made stricter so that fraud cases do not get a chance to integrate with Canadian society.

In this regard, Immigration Minister says that the Government is strengthening the values of citizenship. He also adds that the citizenship should be a pledge and a commitment and should not be simply a passport.

The significant changes
A permanent resident will have to stay in the country for a minimum of four years out of six, which used to be three years out of four before.

Language proficiency which was checked for people in the age range of 18-54 would now be checked for the applicants in the range of 14 years to 64 years.

However, the brighter side is that the processing system would be of “one step” instead of three steps which was followed all this while.
There are more than 300,000 applications waiting to be processed which could take two to three years’ time. However, with the new rules in place the waiting time would get reduced to less than a year.
The disadvantages for international students
The students who have been staying here for almost three years and thought that the citizenship path is only a year ahead, will now have to wait even longer. With the criteria of four out of six years, obtaining citizenship could seem to be a never ending process.

Increasing the processing fee is another blow for many students who do not earn a high amount of money.

The advantages for international students
The stay of the students would be counted even while they are physically present to complete ether education.

The federal Government encourages immigrants to come to the country as temporary residents and later they can obtain him status of permanent ones. The government gives privilege to the experience gained at Canada and hence those acquiring a degree from ether along with taking up a part or a full time job would be in an advantageous position than the rest.

For all this the options like Canadian Experiment class, Post-Graduation Work Permit program and PNP would actually be a supportive agent from transiting from temporary residents to permanent ones. This would ultimately help them to become citizens more smoothly than any other immigrant coming here.

Changes in Citizenship Act after a long time could seem to be creating difficulty for many who thought they would become a citizen very soon. But, the matter of fact is that the stunts that came here on study permit and temporary work permit could benefit largely because they would hold degree from a Canadian institution and would also hold a Canadian work experience.