Changes in the Citizenship Act could be worrisome for many young immigrants

Changes introduced in the Citizenship Act, very recently could be a reason to worry for many young immigrants who hold a degree from a Canadian University and also have valid work experience from a firm in the country.

There is large number of countries in the world getting into the competition of attracting the best of the talents across the world. And introducing changes to become a true Canadian is observed to be hurting the dreams of young immigrants as well as affecting the economy too.

The large impact of changes introduced

The major group affected by the changes would be the international students who come here to obtain a degree, work in a good reputed firm and then stay on to become a permanent resident first, and a Canadian citizen later.

For them the wait becomes a little too long, and the economy of the country would also be feeling the heat. The international community of students bring in billions of dollars to the country.

Executive Director of Ontario Council of Agencies Serving immigrants opine that the major selling points of the country is taken away due by introducing the changes. The fear expressed by ED is that international students may get attracted towards other countries where they find it easier to become a citizen and settle down faster.

The bottleneck

The striking point in the changes introduced is to lifting the provision of becoming a citizen for those who lived here even before becoming permanent resident. And this is the case for many international students.

With such a step the Government would actually find it difficult to achieve the target of doubling international students’ number in another decade’s time.
All this while, the stay of every single day as non-permanent resident was considered to be half a day of residence. But now, the students coming from foreign land would need to start afresh for making an application, apart from staying for four years out of six, which was for three years before.
The role of young immigrants
Most of them are international students who bring as much as $8billion to the country apart from bringing in more than 80,000 jobs.

A Vice President at Canadian Bureau for International Education says that, “These students are fabulous talent pool for the country apart from being the major contributors.”

And if they are not given adequate facilities then there is a high possibility that they would complete their education in Canada and move to some other potential country.

The protest
A petition has been in place against the changes which is supported through the signatures of as many as 3,000 immigrants.

In a time when the population of the country is aging fast, there is an urgent need of getting in more and more of young hands.

International community is a large source to combat the situation. Introducing any change that makes things difficult for them would not only hurt them but also would lead to a sluggish growth on economic front.