Changes in Canada visa fee

So, from now onwards, applicants for Canada visas will have to pay new Canada visa fees.

Changed Canada visa fee—The Canadian government has announced changes to Canada visa fees from 6th February, 2014.

As per Canada immigration minister, Chris Alexander, these changes will be for temporary visitor visas. The details by the CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) reveal that the new Canada visas changes will be beneficial for foreign travelers seeking a fast, flexible and efficient process for coming to Canada.

Canada visa fee has been changed for facilitating international travelers to come to Canada.

Details of the changed Canada visa fee—Now, lets see the changes to Canada visa fee in detail here— The government of Canada has harmonized the fee for Canada single and multiple entry visas under its TRV program (temporary resident visa program).

So, the new processing fee for Canada visitor visa under the TRV will now be $100(CAD). Earlier, the fee was $150(CAD). In addition, processing fee for Canada study permits and Canada work permits has changed.

Fees for Canada work permits will now be $155(CAD). This means an increase of CAD $5 for any visitor making an application for Canada work permit. Canada work permit fee for three or more artists (in a group) or performers will now be $465(CAD). And for any visitor making an application for Canada study permit will have to pay CAD $25 as increased fee.

This means the new fee for Canada study permit will now become CAD $125. $100 is the maximum Canada visa fee for any family applying for TRVs. And there is an increase of $25 for those seeking extensions for remaining in Canada as a visitor. $5 has been increased for Canada work permits and renewals of Canada work permits. Increase of $25 for Canada study permits and Canada study permit renewals.

Increased Canada visa fee—relief for Canada tax payers—The new increased Canada visa fee is meant to offer a relief to Canadian tax payers. It may be worth notable that increase in Canada visa fee comes after two decades.

Moreover, the latest increased Canada visa fee is actually meant to reflect the real cost of Canada visa application processing.

Canada visitor visa fee happens to be quite competitive keeping in view the costs of visas for different nations including Australia, the US, New Zealand and the UK.