Changes to Canada live-in caregiver program invite mixed response

Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney had announced new rules for Canada live-in caregiver program. As per new rules, foreign caregivers in Canada will be provided Canada open work permits nearly 18 months earlier.

Special provisions for Canada live-in caregivers—Changed Canada live-in caregiver program will offer foreign caregivers the provision of staying out of the home of their employer, work for more than one employer at a time and find another employment even in a different field in Canada. This will be possible due to Canada open visas for foreign caregivers.

These changes aim to benefit foreign caregivers by increasing their income. The facility of working for other employer part-time will enable foreign caregivers to utilize their education, skills and experience they had acquired in their native nation.

According to secretary treasurer of the CDWCR(Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers’ and Caregivers Rights) Lorina Serafico, foreign caregivers will now be able to negotiate for higher wages rather than just keep on working at the minimum wage level by working for one employer.

This facility extended to foreign caregivers in Canada by changed Canada immigration rules will provide increased income especially to married caregivers.

Married caregivers have to fund processing of immigration papers of their family members as well as their settlement process in Canada. Moreover, better income will also facilitate in faster reunification of foreign caregivers with their family members in Canada.

Canada open work permit for foreign caregivers in Canada--Canada live-in caregiver program (LCP) enables families in Canada to hire foreign workers wanting to work as live-in caregivers in Canada for any disabled adult, elderly person or a child needing care.

Under Canada immigration rules, caregivers need to work and stay in Canada for a period of two years or up to 3,900 hours before gaining eligibility to apply for Canada permanent residency.

Prior to the recent changes announced to Canada live-in caregivers program, foreign caregivers had no option but to wait for approval of their Canada permanent residency application to gain Canada work permit. So, this limited employment opportunities for foreign caregivers in Canada.