Changes to Canada immigration process

For those who want to immigrate to Canada, knowing these changes becomes quite important. So, lets see the various changes to Canada immigration system—

Bridging Open Work Permits—Among recent changes to Canada immigration categories include the new Bridging Open Work Permits. This was introduced from 15th December last year. Bridging Open Work Permit is for foreigners in Canada having a valid Canada work permit. In addition, they must have submitted an application for Canada Permanent Residency under any of the Federal Economic routes.

Canada immigration has announced a series of changes to its different immigration categories in the last couple of months.

Bridging Open Work Permit is meant to help such foreigners retain their valid immigration status and work legally in Canada while waiting for a decision regarding their application for Canada PR(Permanent Residency).

Canada’s new Federal Skilled Trades Program—Another significant change in Canada immigration has been the launch of new FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program). This was introduced on 2nd January this year.

As per the information, those having proficiency in either of the two official Canada languages (French or English), possessing a valid offer of job from any Canada employer/nominated by Canada province in any qualifying skilled trade, having a minimum experience of two years in the listed occupation (such experience needs to have been gained in the last five years period) and fulfilling the conditions of NOC (National Occupational Classification) for such occupation.

Canada’s New Federal Skilled Worker Program—The new FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program) is all set to be introduced by Canada from 4th May, 2013. It will help in addressing the shortage of skilled talent in Canada by attracting talented foreigners to come and work here.

This program will have top priority to language proficient skilled workers. In addition, the applicant’s educational credentials will need to be in accordance with the Canadian standards(pre-assessment of educational credentials will be required for the applicant before submitting application).

Among other factors to be considered for this program include job offer, prior Canada work experience and age.