Changes to Canada ICT Specialised Knowledge work permit category

As per the details, new rules will be applicable to Canada ICT Specialised Knowledge Work Permit Category.

Changed ICT Specialised Knowledge Work Permit category rules—A few changes have been introduced to Canada’s ICT Specialised Knowledge Work Permit category. Its been revealed that Canada work permit application assessment under ICT(Intra Company transferee) category will have new guidelines.

Assessment criteria for ICT Specialised Knowledge category will now become tougher and new rules will come into effect immediately.

The announcement comes by Canadian government.

What is specialised knowledge?—Well, to make the things clearer, we would like to give information in detail about what exactly is specialised knowledge which the ICT worker needs to possess.

As an applicant for ICT Specialised Knowledge, you would have to show not just a relatively high degree of proprietary knowledge but also an advanced level of expertise too.

So, if you possess just advanced expertise or just proprietary knowledge(and not the combination of both), then you are not a suitable candidate for ICT Specialised Knowledge application.

Also, it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide required proof or evidence of fulfilling the desired standard.

For this, you may need to show documentary proof also(if needed) along with reference letters, letter of support from the firm, job descriptions providing outlines of acquired training level, number of years of work experience in the chosen field, degree/certificates, any awards etc.

In case of an advanced proprietary knowledge, the concerned applicant shall be required to provide evidence of—

• An advanced knowledge level or level of expertise of the processes of the enterprise as well as procedures like production, techniques, management, research equipment; or

• Uncommon knowledge of the products/services or the host firm as well as its application in international markets. As per the CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada), specialised knowledge needs to be uncommon and unique.

So, specialised knowledge workers need to show that they are not only highly skilled but also key personnel.

Impact/implications of the latest changes—Well, the latest changes will mean that employers become more careful while selecting the immigration category of specialised knowledge work permit.

And those who are working already in Canada under this category(i.e. specialised knowledge category) might face some problems in extension of their work permits following new guidelines issued by the government of Canada.