Changes to Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013

Rebalancing of Federal skilled worker points system—So, come January and the process of Canada Skilled Worker Program will be a changed one. Also known by the name of points system, the process will change the points awarded to an applicant on the basis of certain eligibility factors including education, age, language ability and so on.

The aim of such changes is to make Canada’s immigration program more balanced and helpful in better settlement of newcomers.

Opportunity to become Canada permanent residents– It may be worth mentioned that Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program was suspended by the government in July this year. But the redesigned Federal Skilled Worker Program in January next year will help skilled workers getting required points(as per points-system)make applications for Canada permanent residency.

Who can qualify for Canada permanent residency—

• An applicant having an offer of job or employment from an employer in Canada; or

• Anyone who is a skilled worker in any of the 29 skills or trades listed on the official website of Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

What are the key changes to Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)2013— Following are the important changes in the Federal Skilled Worker Program 2013—

• More emphasis on language proficiency—The new points system of FSWP will have more emphasis on language proficiency in any of the two official languages of Canada, that is, English or French.

And this means meeting a minimum level of language proficiency while taking mandatory French or English exam.

• Third party foreign credential assessment—A third party selected by the government of Canada will be authorized to assess educational credentials of applicants.

• Younger immigrants more welcomed—Younger skilled worker applicants will be given an edge over older applicants keeping in view their longer span of living and working in Canada and helping the Canadian economy.

• LMOs—The previous process of Arranged Employment Opinion will now get replaced by the LMO(Labor Market Opinion) under Canada’s FSWC.

A skilled immigrant worker will be hired by the employer based on a positive LMO. This will expedite processing times for Canada skilled immigration applications by putting to an end

• New skilled immigration stream—There will be a new immigration stream for skilled tradespersons under the FSWC for recruiting immigrants in manufacturing, service, transportation and construction sector jobs in Canada. It will help in eliminating shortage of skilled workforce in Canada.