Changes in Australian student visa rules will cost jobs

The Australian government had relaxed norms on finances for foreign students pursuing higher education diplomas.

However, those studying vocational education diplomas were left in a lurk.

Hence, there has been anger among the vocational diploma sector of Australia which calls the changes as wholly unfair for small education providers in Australia and for the foreign students as well as the vocational diplomas provide a pathway for those wanting to pursue higher studies in Australia.

Moreover, an operator has also threatened a legal action against the Australian immigration minister Chris Bowen and the Australian government.

According to Natasha Mayrseidl, who is the director Kelly Colleges, Brisbane, the immigration minister must withdraw the change in the Australian student visa rule.

She maintains that the diploma pathways provided by Kelly Colleges for foreign students help them to enroll for tertiary education. Nearly 90 percent of the foreign students seeking admission in diplomas in Kelly Colleges are able to pursue their second year Bachelor study program at the university.

Ms. Mayrseidl argued that the changed ruling is beneficial to the larger training providers operating under the category of higher education assessment.

And according to Claire Field, the present chief executive officer of ACPET(Australian Council for Private Education and Training), the latest change in the Australian visa regulation was damaging for the vocational training providers in Australia although the decision was beneficial for higher education providers.

And the changes are likely to cost around 1000 jobs in Australia, Ms. Field warned adding that the international education sector is already feeling the pinch of a significant decline in the number of foreigners applying for Australian student visas.

And considering the changes in the financial requirements for higher education sector, more and more foreign students will go for higher education route and not the vocational diplomas. So, this is going to affect several colleges including Kelly Colleges.

Around five percent downfall in number of foreign students will cost around 6000 to 7000 jobs, added Ms. Field.

Meanwhile, an official spokesperson for Australian immigration minister Chris Bowen stated that detailed consultations were done before introducing any changes in the Australian visa legislations. The spokesman added that the changes will affect just a small percentage of potential foreign students wanting to enroll for diplomas and higher diplomas at any higher education institute.

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