Changes announced to New Zealand immigration rules

As per the reports, new rules of New Zealand immigration will give preference to wealthy immigrants willing to come and live here. And new immigration rules will tighten the noose on family member wanting to become New Zealand resident.

New Zealand immigration’s new two-tier system—Labor Party’s leaked paper maintains that a two-tier system will be created by Immigration New Zealand shortly. This system will help in faster processing of applications lodged by parents getting sponsored by wealthy or higher-income group children.

New Zealand two-tier immigration system will cover parent, adult child and sibling categories. In addition, the system will also give priority to processing of applications of foreigners bringing a guaranteed amount of funds or income.

Preference to wealthy immigrants--Giving details about the new tiered New Zealand immigration system, Nathan Guy, New Zealand immigration minister said wealthy immigrants are likely to be favored following changed New Zealand immigration rules.

And the nation does not make any bones about it, admitted Guy. Aim of new rules for New Zealand immigration is to make sure that foreigners or immigrants coming to New Zealand have the ability to hold a job, he further added.

Taxpayers of New Zealand must be assured that their funds are not being wasted on those surviving on public benefits. They must have the faith that their money is getting invested properly, Guy clarified.

Earlier, the government of New Zealand had found that foreigners coming to New Zealand had been relying on public benefits despite of having an offer of job before moving to New Zealand, Guy informed. Hence, the government now aims to avoid such happenings in New Zealand, he quipped.

Financial dependence must for sponsored parents—Parents wanting to come to New Zealand must have financial dependence or cash flow from their sponsors for immigrating to New Zealand, Guy asserted. And they will have to make application under New Zealand skilled immigration category.

Although, sponsorship amounts are yet to be finalized by New Zealand immigration department, but they are likely to be around of $30,000, Guy stated. New Zealand has announced changes in its immigration rules.

These changes will become effective immediately.

As per the new norms, Immigration New Zealand will give preference to rich immigrants. In addition, the nation will be introducing a new two-tier system for enabling faster immigration processing for parents getting sponsorship from high income or rich children.

New Zealand will be preferring those immigrants who guarantee a higher amount of income to be brought to the nation.

This will be done for providing support the nation’s economy, admits New Zealand immigration minister Nathan Guy. Moreover, new immigration rules want to ensure that legitimate taxpayers in the nation do not get undue burdened for supporting immigrants relying on public benefits.

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