Changed New Zealand Visa norms for High-end Music Acts

This has been annnounced by New Zealand government in a latest revelation.

Changed New Zealand Music Act Visa rules—New Zealand Music Act Visa rules have been changed. And this is great news for high-end music act wanting to come to New Zealand.

Come November this year and New Zealand will be introducing new rules for New Zealand Music Act.

New simpler and attractive New Zealand Music Visa rules will become effective from November this year.

No need of New Zealand work visas for High-end music performers–This new changed regulation will allow high-end music acts along with their support crew to come and do performances in New Zealand on New Zealand Visitor Visas instead of New Zealand Work Visas.

This is something wonderful for high-end music acts wishing to come to New Zealand since they won’t need any New Zealand work visas provided any local firm is promoting them.

Boost to New Zealand Tourism--The TIA(Tourism Industry Association New Zealand) has maintained that the new move will lead to luring more and more high-end music acts to come to New Zealand and perform here. And this will have a direct positive impact on the New Zealand Tourism Industry, the TIA further added.

It will make New Zealand a much cheaper and affordable option for top performers from different corners of the world wanting to perform in New Zealand. This is a direct step by New Zealand government for elimination of red tape in New Zealand, affirmed Simon Wallace, Policy and Research Manager of TIA.

New Zealand aims to eliminate any obstacles and loopholes in the process of New Zealand immigration for promotion of New Zealand tourism as part of the growth framework for Tourism 2025.

Good news for music lovers, restaurants, retailers, accomodation providers--Kiwi music lovers will be elated by this latest announcement for welcoming some top music performers of the world to New Zealand.

Moreover, restaurants in New Zealand, retailers, bars, accomodation providers and many others will also get benefitted by this latest development for provision of simpler New Zealand Music Act visa norms for attracting high-end music acts to the nation.

All these positive changes are the result of the efforts of New Zealand Immigration Department—Immigration New Zealand—and tourism department of New Zealand.