Changed Canadian immigration screening rules

New immigration screening measures have been introduced by Canada recently.

New Canada immigration screening norms—As per Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney, the new immigration screening rules will make sure to add strength to the ability of the nation to find out and refuse entry of those abusing Canada immigration routes.

New immigration screening steps will be beneficial not only for the Canada immigration officials but also ease the movement of foreigners wanting to move across borders of Canada.

What are the new screening measures—The aim of new screening measures will be to find those who have been refused Canada visas in the past or have been guilty of convictions.

New immigration screening measures announced by Canada recently will offer increased protection to Canada’s borders. The new rules have been introduced under Canada’s ‘Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act’.

These measures include — Collecting photos and fingerprints of applicants from any of the 29 nations. These nations are Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iran, Jordan, Jamaica, Pakistan, Vietnam and Yemen among others.

Once the biometric information or details of the concerned applicant have been collected, these will be forwarded to the RCMP.

These details will be then verified against the fingerprint detail records of the previous deportees, refugee claimants, people with Canadian crime records and previous Canada temporary resident applicants before making any final decision for granting a Canada visa.

Rules regarding aspirants for Canada citizenship—Canada has also announced certain new requirements for those wanting to become Canada citizens.

So, as of now, all aspiring of Canada citizenship need to submit an evidence of language proficiency(that is, either English or French) before making an application for Canada citizenship to Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC).

Anyone in the age group between 18 years and 54 years wanting to become a Canada citizen will be bound by new rules and Canada immigration department holds the right to immediately return the applications not accompanied by required accepted proof of language proficiency, the immigration minister has clarified.

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