Changed Canada Dependent Child Definition becomes effective

So, with effect from 1st August, 2014, new rules for ‘Dependent Child’ have come into force for all Canada immigration programs.

New Canada Dependent Child definition effective—Canada has redefined the ‘dependent Child’ for the purposes of Canada immigration programs. And all immigrants wanting to come to Canada under Canada immigration programs will have to abide by the new definition becoming effective from 1st August this year.

Canada has announced redefining the definition of ‘Dependent Child’ for its immigration schemes. The changes comes into force from 1st August, 2014.

Canada lowers ‘Dependent Child’ age to below 19—As per the new rules, Canada has lowered the age for ‘Dependent Child’ to under 19.

This was announced by Canada immigration department—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Prior to this change, Canada’s definition for ‘Dependent Child’ anyone under 22 as a dependent by CIC.

Removal fo exception available for full-time students--Also, the current exception for full-time students has also been removed. What does this mean? Well, as per the CIC, immigration applicants’ children aged 19 or above and financially dependent on their parents and also full-time students are not going to be considered valid under the new definition of ‘Dependent Child’.

A point notable in this regard is that any child, of whatever age he or she may be, if suffering from any physical or mental condition, will be considered to be a ‘dependent’ if he or she is relying on his or her parents.

Effect on applications submitted before 1st August—Well, if you or any applicant has submitted his or her application before the date of the new changes becoming effective, i.e. before 1st August, 2014, then you should remain assured that your application will get processed under the old provision, that is the provision of dependent child as anyone aged 22 or below.

Also, if anyone has not submitted his or her application before 1st August, 2014 but he or she is involved in the application process of immigration, then CIC is going to allow transitional measures.

Transitional measures applies to following Canada immigration schemes—(for those affected by ‘dependent child’ age changes)—

* Parents or grandparents whose sponsorship applications were received before November 5, 2011

* Refugees abroad, and refugee claimants

* Provincial Nominee Programs

* Applicants who have applied under Quebec’s economic programs

* Live-in caregivers

* Quebec humanitarian cases

* Privately sponsored refugees whose sponsorship applications were received before October 18, 2012.