Changed Canada Citizenship Rules annnounced

The new rules have been announced by Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander.

New Canada citizenship rules—New rules will be applicable for Canada citizenship from now onwards. This has been revealed by Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Canada has announced new norms to be applicable for all those wanting to become Canada Citizens.

It needs to be noted that the announced reforms happen to be the first ever detailed changes to the Citizenship Act since the year 1977. Bill C-24 is aimed at offering enhanced protection to Canada Citizenship’s value.

And it will also work at creation of an efficient and a quicker Canada Citizenship process for applicants, the immigration minister informed. Advantages of Canada Citizenship changes—Canada’s announced changes to Canada Citienship will help in streamlining the process of Canada Citizenship program.

How? It will bring down the processing time for Canada Citizenship applicants to even below a year or so by the year 2015-16.

The best news is that the current Canada Citizenship application backlog will get down by around 80 percent by the year 2015-16.

And Canadian taxpayers will not have to bear the burden of processing costs of Canada Citizenship applications since Canada immigration department will also ensure that the fees for Canada Citizenship applications are aligned with the processing costs.

As of now, nealry 80 percent of Canada Citizenship appication fee is subsidized by Canadian taxpayers.

Requirements for Canada Citizenship—From now onwards, all applicants shall have to clear a knowledge test and fulfill language rules for becoming Canada citizens. This will help new Canada Citizens get prepared for taking part in Canada society and Canada way of life.

All this will ensure that foreigners deciding to become Canada Citizens maintain strong ties to the nation. It needs to be noted that individuals having strong ties to this nation will get Canada Citizenship extended automatically to the additional lost Canadians born before the year 1947.

And the provision will also get extended to their children too(who were born in the first generation outside this nation).

Stricter penalties for misuse—Canada government has sent clear warnings to all those wanting to misuse Canada Citizenship process. As per the details, a fine could go up to $100,000 and/or nearly five years imprisonment. So, the new Canada Citzenship rules will guide new aspirants wanting to gain Canada Citizenship.