Changed Australia Skilled Migration Program

So, all aspirants of skilled migration to Australia need to take note of all these changes to know about various requirements and rules.

Australia changes Occupational Ceilings—We would like to inform you that Australia has changed its occupational ceilings and this is going to have a significant impact on Australia Skilled Migrant Visas for every profession.

Hence, all aspirants of Australia skilled migrant visas need to be aware of all these changes and its impact on their profession.

Australia skilled migrant visa changes will have a direct impact on each profession.

It needs to be worth mentionable in this regard that Australia government and Australia state governments impose limits on the annual issuance of Australia skilled migrant visas for every professions and these limits are also known by the name of occupational ceilings.

Details of Australia skilled migrant visa changes—Australia has announced several important changes to the total places to be set aside to Accountants, Teachers, IT professionals, Chefs, Construtions Trades and Engineers.

Meanwhile, a point worth notable in this regard is that state nominated 489 and 190 Australia visas will not be affected by occupational ceilings.

For all aspiring applicants, it needs to be noted that a number of Australia states have begun accepting applications on the basis of new occupation lists announced for the year 2014-15.

New Occupational Ceilings—New occupational ceilings have been announced for the FY(financial year) 2014-15 for almost all the professions in several states. The good thing(as already stated above) is that State Nominated Visas will not be effected by new occupational ceilings.

This simply will give Australia states the ability to nominate occupations for Australia Skilled Regional Subclass 489 visas and Australia Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visas despite of reaching the occupational ceilings.

2530 new places for Engineers—Engineers can look forward to great times in Australia since the Australian government has allocated an additional 2530 places for occupational ceiling.

1,132 new places for IT professionals—Additional 1,132 places have been allocated for IT professions.

New 15,042 places for Registered nurses—Registered nurses will be glad to know that new 15,042 places have been allocated this year.

Construction trades, chefs places decline—A decrease of 1353 places has been announced for chefs while 2,168 places have been reduced for Construction trades.

Teachers’places reduced—1,170 places have been decreased for teachers.

Accountants’ 4,242 places reduced—A reduction of 4,242 has been announced for Accountants by Australia under the new occupational ceiling for the year 2014-15.