The challenges for the immigrants while settling down in Quebec

Quebec, where French ruled till 1759 after conquering it is a promising province in Canada. This province is quite close to the East Coast of U.S. Montreal the largest city in Quebec is regarded as one of the best cities in the world.

The benefits of living in Quebec
Like any other province, even Quebec provides decent health care facilities which are publicly funded and even the education system is equally good. This is precisely the reason why many immigrants choose this province as their destination.

The challenges
Language barrier: Immigrants say that being ruled by the French, people out here are closed towards those who are non-French speaking. This precisely means someone even with a sound knowledge of English and or hailing from a country like India could find it difficult to settle down here. It looks a little awkward when one of the official languages of the country is English, the people knowing the language also face difficulty in settling down here.

A separate entity: The province seems to be willing to be treated as a separate country. But, they need to realize the financial support they are getting from the rest of the country.
Gap in Job: Statistics Canada reveals that there is a big gap in the kind of jobs created in this province, especially when the date is compared with the rest of the country.

Last year alone, more than 26,000 jobs were lost in Quebec, against which the Government recruited back only 14,800 on pay roll. So for the loss of every two jobs in the private there is a creation of one in Government Sector.

Entrepreneurs have no opportunity: as there are more jobs in the Government Sector, it clearly indicates that there is a rare encouragement for the Entrepreneurs leaving Immigrants with again a narrow scope.

Low growth of private sector: A private sector company is burdened to pay payroll taxes even if it does not make any profit. This is actually detrimental for the growth of private sector. And one should not forget that creation of more and more jobs in the Government sector are only possible if the private sector is strong enough to pay taxes.

People not keen to be regarded as Canadians
Analysts believe that Quebec was originally created by French and later it was made a part of Canada only after British rule. People in this province still hold a bitter feeling about the past and hence they don’t want themselves to be regarded as Canadians.

Quebec has its strong points in many ways and hence it could be a potential destination for the immigrants. But a province which is not welcoming towards the people of its own country would certainly not be warm towards Immigrants, even if they are well conversant with an international language like English. Language barrier, narrow scope of jobs, and sluggishness in the private sector together present an unwelcoming approach towards immigrants.