Canadian immigration programs for Temporary workers and foreign students

This is being done by Canadian immigration department since it recognizes the strong role played by new immigrants in Canada towards the Canadian society and Canadian economy. Moreover, it also accepts the fact that all successful immigrants in Canada are very likely to become successful permanent residents of Canada.

Canadian immigration department has listed four categories under which any immigrants either working in Canada or studying in Canada can be eligible for Canadian PR (permanent resident) visa———

1. Canadian Experience Class— Immigrants in Canada having proficiency either in English or in French and desirous of living in Canada outside the Quebec province may become eligible provided they possess Canadian experience as –

A Foreign student with at least 2 year degree or diploma from any post-secondary institute and also having a one year full-time experience of working in a skilled, professional or managerial job in Canada on a valid Canadian work permit; OR

Temporary Foreign Worker who is either presently working or have worked in the last year for at least 2 years on full time basis in any skilled, professional or professional job in Canada on a valid Canadian work permit.

2. Quebec Experience Class (PEQ): Any person having intermediate level proficiency in French and is a —

Foreign student with a two year degree or diploma from any educational institute recognized by Quebec Ministry of Education while he being on a valid study permit; OR

Temporary foreign worker presently employed in Quebec for at least one year in a managerial, skilled or professional position in the last 2 years prior to making their application while being on a valid work permit. 
3. Provincial Nomination Programs—All the remaining Canadian provinces and two Canadian territories have programs to nominate persons desirous of living in that province permanently. All such programs depend on the individual applicant either having study or work experience in that province or has obtained a full time permanent job offer in any skilled occupation in the province. Mostly, nomination certificates are issued by provinces within a short span of time after which CIC (Citizenship and immigration Canada) completes their application assessment.

4. Federal Skilled Worker Program— All those who have been living in Canada for one year either as a foreign student or as a temporary foreign worker is eligible for applying under this program and he does not require one year experience in any of the 38 eligible occupations. All eligible candidates will need 67/100 points on six factors of selection (education, age, work experience, arranged employment, official language proficiency and other adaptability factors).