Canadian Immigrant Integration Program: An effort to support the newcomers

A program commonly known as CIIP is intended to help the newcomers coming to the country as Immigrants.

Very recently, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander addressed them and spoke to them almost on a one to one basis.

The achievements

A considerably large number of people which is more than 25,000 have gone through this program even when they were in in their home countries. More than 70% of the CIIP Graduates got a job within the period of a year after they came here in Canada.

For more than 90% of the immigrants the credentials were assessed even before six months of submitting them for verification.
And almost 70% of them got a job of their own skills and experience in the country.

The overview
Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) were funded by the Canadian Government for implementing CIIP. This is a program to prepare the newcomers so that they add to the productivity of the nation faster and better.

The program was launched way back in 2007 and later it was made out to be a four year program running from 2010 to 2014.

An orientation is provided free of cost to the Federal Skilled Workers, provincial Nominees and their spouses and dependents.

The support for the immigrant newcomers
The immigrants believe that this program is an immense help to them because it not only assesses their credentials and help them locating a job faster than otherwise, but it also helps them to fit into the economy social structure of the country, making them an integral part of it. They find themselves to be in a better position to contribute maximum and add to the growth of the nation.

The program helps the newcomers with job prospects, job preparedness, job search and even job retention. It also gives them a preview of Canada in very many ways so that they are better prepared to adjust and accommodate.

Announcement from Immigration Minister
The Minister announced to make an investment of another $1.0 million in another half a year. He also promised that ACCC would look into more ways of making this service even better so that immigrants can be helped for life.

However, there already has been an investment of $18 million in this program.

He informed that the Government is building an immigration system, the focus for which would be economic growth. The efforts are made to ensure that newcomers integrate and actively contribute to the society of Canada. And hence, adequate and required information is provided about credential recognition or even on the labor market and its demands.

CIIP is a program which ha shelled and supported many of the immigrants especially the young ones to merge with the culture and economy of the country faster and sooner than expected. All this leads to a better economic growth and more of productivity and helps to make the most of the skilled immigrants in the country.