Canadian colleges see a significant increase in the number of Indian students

President and CEO of the ACCC, James Knight and MP Tim Uppal made this announcement on behalf of Jason Kenney, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister. 

The main aim of the joint project launched in collaboration between the member colleges of the ACCC and visa offices of Canada in India is to accelerate the number of study permit applications at various Canadian colleges taking part in this program. The program launched in April 2009 has been named- the Student Partners Program. 

The program has already increased the number of Indians studying in the Canada colleges, said Kenney. As per the figures, nearly 178,000 students from India took admission in various colleges of Canada and helped in creating job opportunities for more than 83,000 Canadian citizens in the year 2009.  

The program is an effort of the Canadian Government to seek programs for encouraging increased number of international students to Canada by through student visas. Canada’s economy and cultural life gets a stimulus from the experiences of international students opting to choose Canada as their destination for pursuing studies in Canada colleges. 

In a short span of nine months since this program was launched, more than 4,000 student visa applications have already been received by the Canadian visa offices in India. And, the first group of students has already commenced their study in Canada in the month of September 2009.

The fact that more than 95 percent of the students studying in an ACCC college under this program have shown a good standing itself indicates the success of this program. 

International students seeking student visa under this program are required to possess the required documents and need to undergo screening process as by any other student or visitor. A feedback facility is there in case any of the students does not report for studies in the concerned Canadian college.