Canadian Citizenship Process Speeds Up, Waiting Time at its Lowest

With the introduction of new and stricter rules for immigration application to Canada, the government intends to make the entire process all the way more perfect and efficient. To attain the needful, Canada’s system is going through various corrections and transformations.

This is evident as the federal government‘s changes in the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act have already been attracting handsome limelight. The strengthening Canadian citizenship act also called as Bill C-24 which received royal assent on June 19th 2014, has undergone amendments which have helped fasten the processing time of citizenship applications. This is being done majorly to preserve the existing value and integrity of Canadian Citizenship all over the world.

A report by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) observes that the processing time taken for citizenship application has touched almost the lowest level by far along with a great dip in the number in citizenship backlogs in past 2 years. A positive response by CIC also assures further reduction in the processing time in the year 2015-16, eliminating almost 80% of the current backlog.

This has been possible as the decision makers have increased in count. This addition is not only going to speed up the course of action but also promise a considerable reduction in the backlogs.
The reflection behind this change in the system is the investment made in the Economic Action Plan (EAP) 2013 which was a whopping $44 million. This investment was also made keeping the viewpoint of fastening the citizenship process into consideration.

In the year 2013, the value of Canadian Citizenship was clearly proved as 333,860 citizens applied to become permanent residents of the country. As a result, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander now claims to wind up the citizenship process for an individual within a year with the effective shifts and advancements in Bill C-24.

The apparent and promised shrinkage in the time taken for approval of a citizenship application in Canada is sure to benefit its to-be citizens as an accelerated procedure will not keep them waiting for too long. This will also give a further boost to the existing value for Canadian Citizenship adding the feather of efficiency to its cap.