Canada for wider biometric information sharing

This has been revealed by a recent memo obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Canada to expand wider biometric info sharing—Canada is planning for systematic exchange of biometric information with not only the US but also the UK, New Zealand and Australia as well.

As per the details of the memo, systematic sharing is better than manual case-by-case information sharing since it can lead to faster response as well as being carried out at higher volumes.

Canada is planning for expansion of immigration information sharing with the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Immigration info sharing with the US--It needs to be noted that the government of Canada is currently sharing immigration information (biometrics information including fingerprints of applicants of visas) with the US. This is being done under a security pact.

So, with effect from the year 2014, Canada is pursuing checking biometrics info(like fingerprints of applicants for Canada visas) from around two dozen nations against a US database(having records with regard to prints of suspected terrorists, criminals and immigration violators).

Immigration info sharing for curbing Canada immigration misuse—It needs to be worth mentioned that such sharing of immigration info is vital for curbing any misuse or fraud regarding Canada immigration process.

So, arrangements are being updated by Canada for allowing greater manual sharing of immigration info, the memo reveals. As per the details, Canada seeks to increase the number of biometric info sharing cases with the US to 12,000 by the end of this year. Canada can share biometric information about 3,000 cases with each conference partner in a year.

Hence, Canada is working towards a computerized process that can get expanded for supporting systematic sharing with other members of Five Country Conference.

Protection of biometrics info exchange--It needs to be worth notable that while pursuing biometric information sharing with nations, Canada will ensure limiting and protecting of personal information that is being exchanged.

Still, there are concerns that any unauthorized use, transfer or disclosure of information may be impossible to prevent.

This has been maintained by the office of the privacy commissioner. Further, its being stated that exchanging info with the US could further increase the risk of more derogatory info concerning visa applicants from other nations.

So, the CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) is being urged for sharing only accurate as well as relevant info sharing.