Canada visa not needed by Taiwanese

The decision will come into effect immediately and will allow all Taiwanese travelers to stay in Canada for a period of six months without possessing a Canada visa.

To be eligible for the visa-free privilege, Taiwanese must possess Taiwan passport issued by the MOFA (Minister of Foreign Affairs) having a pin (personal identification number). Such Taiwanese will not require a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) for visiting Canada.

The announcement was made by the Canadian Minister for immigration and citizenship Jason Kenney.
Canada has become the 39th nation granting visa-free privilege to Taiwanese. This will result in saving precious money spent by Taiwanese nationals while traveling to Canada, revealed the CTOT(Canadian Trade Office in Taipei) on its official website.

Mr. Kenney said that the new move is aimed to improve trade relations between Canada and Taiwan. He said that it is being hoped that the visa-waiver extended to Taiwanese passport holders will boost cultural, trade, investment and people-to-people relations between the two nations.

The visa policy of Canada is based on assessment of various factors including rates of immigration violation, integrity of traveling papers and asylum claims by the nation in question.

The latest visa-waiver pledge has been made by the Canadian government after it was found that the Taiwanese visitors had a positive contribution towards the Canadian economy.

An evidence-based analysis revealed that the approval rate of Canada visitor visa for visitors from Taiwan was quite high. And the rate of asylum claims filed by Taiwan nationals as well as the involvement in immigration violations of Taiwan travelers in Canada was very low.

The year 2009 saw arrival of around 51,000 Taiwanese in Canada. Moreover, Canada is home to around 150,000 natives with Taiwanese descent. The annual rate of visitors from Taiwan to Canada is estimated to be 150,000 and Canada currently has around 15,000 Taiwanese students pursuing different courses of study in the country.

Canada happens to be the fourth popular nation for Taiwanese studying overseas after the US, the UK and Australia, the ministry reveals.

Canadians are not required to possess a Taiwan visa for visiting the country since the year 1994.