Canada toughens immigrant and refugee children rules

The details reveal that the new tighter Canada immigrant and refugee children norms will become effective from 1st August, 2014.

Canada’s tougher immigrant and refugee children rules—In what is being considered as a quiet move by Canada government, the regulations for immigration and refugee protection are undergoing a big change.

Canada will have new tougher norms for immigrant and refugee children with effect from 1st August this year. And the new rules will bring down cut-off age for refugee and immigrant children to 18 years from the earlier 21 years.

Canada has announced bringing down of cut-off age for refugee and immigrant children to 18 years from the earlier cut-off age of 21 years from 1st August, 2014.

Umarried dependents ineligible for immigration with parents--The new cut-off age rule of 18 years will be for unmarried dependants. So, come 1st August this year and Canada will have tougher regulations with regard to eligibility criteria for refugee and immigrant children wanting to immigrate to Canada with their parents.

Before this new ruling, dependants aged less than 21 or 21 years were eligible to be included in the immigration applications for parents and refugees.

Meanwhile, full-time students aged above 21 years and financial dependence on their parents were allowed to come to Canada as immigrant and refugee children along with their parents. From 1st August, 2014, there will be no exceptions for any students and the new cut-off age will be 18 and below.

Changes aimed at Canada labor force, economic requirements—Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has clarified that the latest changes to the dependent child definition are in tune with the new priorities of Canada immigration system aimed on economic and labor force requirements of Canada.

Its based on the concept that the younger any child immigrates to Canada, the more positive contributions he or she makes to the Canada’s labor market results(long-term). Moreover, the financial return of Canada education is certainly quite higher than the financial return of foreign education.

Canada may lose on highly educated immigrants—Well, its being maintained that the latest tougher norms might result in Canada losing out on foreigners who are having high qualifications since they may be above the new cut-off age of 18 years or below.

Its being also alleged that Canadian refugee sytsem does not any humanitarianism and compassion.