Canada to toughen student visa rules

Canada government has concerns that many foreign students coming to Canada on Canada student visas are using the route as a ticket to gain access to Canada employment.

Canada to act tough on fake international students—As per the proposals published in Canada Gazette, the government has reaffirmed its stand to weed out all fake or bogus foreign students wanting to come to Canada just for the sake of getting jobs here.

And the government will work to find out those who are bringing a bad name to the global ranking of Canada in the higher education market by getting enrolled in low-graded educational institutes.

Human smuggling groups target of Canada—Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney says many young innocent foreigners are being targeted by human smuggling groups to push them in flesh trade after providing them with Canada student visas.

Young women coming to Canada are facing increasingly high rate of exploitation allegedly at the hands of unscrupulous operators, informed Kenney. Many nations like the UK and Australia have recently taken a serious note of misuse of student visas by foreigners wanting to gain jobs.

So, Canada, by taking a tough stance on immigration rules governing foreign students will make sure control such happenings in the near future, said Kenney.

As of now, Canada does not have any means to check whether the international students coming to Canada to pursue studies here enroll themselves at legitimate Canadian institutes or not, worried Kenney. And by introducing stricter Canada student visa rules, the nation will assure Canada student visas’ integrity.

Limiting Canada student permits, work permit, student visas—So, among several proposals under consideration include limiting Canada study permits and Canada student visas to only those getting enrolled in Canada’s schools having government accreditation. This was revealed by Nancy Caron, an official spokesperson for CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

This means institutes not having designation by Canadian territories and Canadian provinces will not have the authority to enroll foreign students.

And grant of Canada work permits will also be restricted to legitimate foreign students getting enrolled n accredited schools, informed Caron. This rule will ensure that only those participating in co-op programs or off campus programs will be able to gain Canada work permits.