Canada tightens rules for skilled expats

The proposals laid down by Canada immigration department-CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada)will have revised criteria in terms of skills and qualifications needed for skilled expats wanting to come and work in Canada.

New rules dash hopes of skilled expats—Dreams of skilled expats desirous of moving to Canada and work here will receive a big blow due to new reforms to the selection criteria for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Giving details about the selection criteria for skilled immigration program, Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney said Canada is focusing on including skills and qualifications in the immigrant selection criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Program that will ensure success of new skilled immigrants coming to Canada.

Justifying the proposed changes to Canada’s skilled worker program becoming effective from 1st January, 2013, Kenney said that the proposals are the result of views collected from stakeholders and Canadians over the years. All such changes concerning qualifications and skill-sets will improve success of skilled immigrants in Canada, he further maintained.

Hold on expats applying for Canada visas—Canada government has decided to put on hold applications for Canada visas from skilled expats. The only exception to this new ruling will be those possessing PhD qualification or having an offer of arranged employment in Canada.

Qualification assessment for skilled expats—Among proposals by the CIC include assessment of skilled expats’ qualifications against the education standards of Canada. Hence, a comparison will be made between international qualifications of the immigrant with the qualifications possessed by the Canadian counterpart.

However, there is no guarantee that skilled immigrants coming to Canada will gain a license to begin practice in any regulated occupation, clarified Canada immigration minister.

New proposals by CIC—

• Giving highest priority to language for selecting applicants under Federal Skilled Worker Program. Candidates possessing requisite language skills will be awarded more points;

• Reducing points awarded for international work experience while increasing points for those possessing Canada work experience;

• Curbing fraud by easing the process of arranged employment while helping employers to find workers in high demand in Canada.

All these changes by CIC will ensure that Canada immigration system becomes faster, transparent and flexible, affirmed Kenney.

Such an immigration system will be better suited to meet the changing needs of the economy of Canada, he maintained.