Canada tightens noose on bogus foreign students

That’s because Canada government has announced a program to tackle widespread misuse of Canada student visas.

Not playing by Canada student rules—Beware!-The federal government has warned clearly that anyone not found to be abiding by the norms of Canada student visas will be dealt with strictly.

Speaking about the issue, Jason Kenney, Canada immigration minister said it has come to the notice of Canada government that several foreigners coming to Canada on Canada student visas are using the system as an easier way to get employment opportunities in Canada.

Such foreign students do not get enrolled in any of Canadian educational institutes.

And if they do, the institutes chosen by them are found to be quite below average standards. All this is proving damaging for Canada’s reputation in the international student market.

Loophole misused for bringing in young women—Kenney further claimed that the system of Canada student visas has a loophole and it’s being used to provide entry to young women for exploiting them. Human traffickers are finding it simpler to bring in young vulnerable women and force them to face exploitation after their arrival here. So, all this reinstates the need for reforming the process of Canada student visas at the earliest, informed Kenney.

Canada student visa reforms on the list—Plans are to introduce strict rules for Canada student visas to tackle misuse of the program by unscrupulous agents.

Following are the planned reforms—

• Requiring Canadian provinces to furnish names of credible post-secondary educational institutes by distinguishing institutes offering poor quality programs;

• Restricting Canada student visas for courses longer than six-month duration. This means elimination of Canada student visas for those enrolled in educational courses spanning less than six months in Canada;

• Canada student work permits to be provided to Canada student visa holders enrolled in co-op or off-campus programs meant for foreign students;

• Restriction on international students wanting to work as escorts or exotic dancers in Canada.

The move to toughen Canada government’s stand on Canada student visa program is being welcomed by majority of Canada provincial governments.

New regulations for Canada student visa system will help foreign students attending legitimate career institutes gain postgraduate work permits in Canada.