Canada to target younger, language proficient immigrants

This has been announced by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney while unveiling new package of Canada immigration reforms.

Canada immigration reforms for increasing employability for newcomers—Revealing the woes of majority of immigrants, especially those possessing high-skill sets, Kenney said newcomers become frustrated when they don’t get jobs in accordance with their skill levels.

So, Canada is going to change Canada immigration rules. Canada will, no longer, invite highly trained professionals who are likely to taste failure after coming here.

From now onwards, Canada will invite only those foreigners who either have offers of jobs in their hands or have the probability of succeeding in Canada labor market, Kenney affirmed.

Major changes in Canada immigration rulesFollowing are the changes in Canada immigration rules

• Increasing minimum investment for investor immigrants(currently, minimum investment is $800,000);

• Changes to points system for Canada Skilled Workers;

• Preference to skilled trades persons.

Impact of Canada immigration changes

Top priority to language proficiency–New rules for Canada immigration will give priority to language proficiency while selecting potential immigrants wanting to come to Canada. Kenney has highlighted that language proficiency is the top factor for succeeding in Canada. So, only those immigrants will be allowed entry into Canada who are proficient in either English or French, the two official languages of Canada.

• Pre-assessment under Federal Skilled Worker Program—Applicants wanting to come to Canada under Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP) will be required to get their credentials pre-assessed to ensure their success in Canada labor market.

• Changes in Canada points system—Changes in Canada points system will enable skilled workers including welders to come to Canada even though their level of language proficiency might be lower than high-skilled professionals like a doctor.

• Streamlining of Canada permanent residency process—Canada will also change the system of Canada permanent residency for foreign students. It will help international students coming to study in Canada to become Canada permanent residents at the earliest without having to leave the nation and apply again. This will help make Canada globally competitive, Kenney informed.