Canada to reform live-in caregivers program soon

As per the proposals, Canada’s next target for reforms is the live-in caregiver program.

Reforms soon to Canada live-in caregiver program—Canada’s live-in caregiver program enables families to get nannies from overseas. And the government has plans to bring several changes to its live-in caregiver program. This is in response to several reiterations from the public to reform this immigration program.

Canada’s live-in caregiver program will be subject to new reforms in the coming times.

Deletion of Canada live in caregiver program likely?--Meanwhile, Canada’s live-in caregiver program might be deleted due to its alleged misuse for family reunification. Canada live in caregiver program has already facilitated a large number of Canadians wanting to hire foreign live-in caregivers for the elderly or the disabled.

There are serious concerns that the live in caregiver program is being used as a route for family reunification. So, government may be serious enough to clampdown on this immigration program. Its being predicted that Canada live in caregiver program may be cancelled later this year. And this might affect Filipino community in a big way.

Canada Live in caregiver program—Canada’s live in caregiver program offers foreig live in caregivers to come and work in Canada. And after completion of two years temporary Canada work, Canada allows such foreign caregivers to bring their dependents to this nation. And after coming to Canada, such dependents can gain Canada permanent residents.

That’s the great benefit of this program. The only hint that Canada has given about imminent changes to Canada’s live in caregiver program in the near future is that there might be an introduction of a new user fee of $1,000.

And it also further hinted that one-year limits on Canada work permits will get removed, if the speculations are to be believed.

Meanwhile, Canada’s immigration minister Chris Alexander has refused to give any details about the government’s plans as of now. Speaking about the issue, he said there are no intentions of any reforms atleast now. However, there may be some reforms in the coming times, he asserted.

But, no other details were given by him. And his vague or unclear comments have further added to the confusion and chaos pertaining to the future of Canada’s live-in caregiver program.

Canada’s live in caregiver program is quite popular for those wanting to work as nannies in Canada and important for those wanting to hire live-in caregivers.