Canada Permanent Resident Visa

If yes, then here are the details about Canada permanent resident visa and the eligibility factors for getting such a visa.

Canada permanent resident—Before proceeding further, we need to clarify what exactly is meant by Canada permanent resident. Well, any foreigner who has been granted a Canada permanent resident visa by the government of Canada and is staying in Canada but is not having Canada citizenship is a Canada permanent resident.

An important point to be noted in this regard is that such a foreigner is in Canada for a temporary period and he or she can be a foreign student, a foreign visitor or a foreign worker and is not a permanent Canada resident.

Canada permanent resident is someone who is in Canada on a Canada permanent resident visa and is in Canada for a temporary period.

Rights of Canada permanent residency holder—Well, talking about the rights and priveleges enjoyed by a holder of a Canada permanent residence, following are the rights—

• Canada permanent residents get almost all social benefits enjoyed by Canada citizens like healthcare coverage etc.

• They can work, study or live anywhere in this nation.

• Can make an application for Canada citizenship after staying in Canada as a permanent resident.

• Are offered protection under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canada law.

Canada permanent resident card—We also need to know about Canada permanent resident card. Its different from Canada permanent resident status.

Its simply a card that has biometric details. Its not a mandatory requirement and is needed(in the absence of any travel document) for boarding airplane etc. to Canada if the person is not a citizen of Canada and not a citizen of any nation that needs a temporary resident visa for visiting Canada.

So, the point is that although its not necessary for any Canada permanent resident to carry along a PR card, nonetheless, it’s quite convenient.

How to become a Canada permanent resident?—Well, different means or ways are there for gaining Canada permanent residency for any foreigner.

• Different programs of family sponsorship are available for sponsoring spouse or family members by a Canada permanent resident.

• Those having study experience or work experience in Canada are eligible to make an application for Canada permanent residence under Canada’s Canadian Experience class.

• Foreign skilled workers can apply for Canada permanent residence.

• Provincial Nominee Programs allow Canada provinces to nominate Canada permanent residents.