Canada Opportunities for foreign IT workers

Canada has lots of opportunities for you this year.

Number of opportunities awaiting Foreign IT workers—Foreign IT workers wanting to work in Canada can look forward to great times ahead this year.

As per the details, the IT(information technology) sector of Canada has been witnessing increased growth in the last few years. And hence, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of IT workers needed for filling vacant job positions in Canada.

Canada welcomes foreign IT workers willing to work in Canada in the year 2014.

Canada is undertaking steps to attract and welcome an increased number of foreign IT workers to work in IT firms in Canada.

As per the estimates, around 106,000 vacancies are going to arise in the coming four years period in IT sector of Canada.

Who is eligible to immigrate?—Well, as per the available details, Canada has requirements for IT professionals in different fields. Foreign IT professionals having requisite educational background and/or expertise in IT sector can come to Canada.

You are eligible for Canada immigration if you want to come and work in Canada as a temporary foreign worker. At present, Canada has around 250,000 temporary foreigners working in Canada. And an increasingly high percenatage of such foreign workers happen to be IT professionals from different nations.

You, as a temporary foreign worker, need to get a Canadian job offer and obtain a Canada Temporary Work Permit for working in Canada. Temporary foreign workers get the facility of gaining quick access to Canada job market.

Immigrate to Canada permanently—Are you an aspirant for permanent Canada immigration? You can do so thanks to the availability of different programs meant for foreign IT professionals.

Five IT fields included in Federal Skilled Worker Program—

• Computer network technicians

• Computer programmers, interactive media developers

• Software engineers, designers

• Information systems analysts and consultants

• Database analysts and data administrators.

Also, in addition to FSWP, you can also come to Canada as a foreign IT worker under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. It offers a variety of IT professions like computer support, computer science, computer engineering.

Points are given under this program to more than 15 different IT fields. PNP(Provincial Nominee Program) also enable foreign IT professionals to come and work in Canada for living in any specifice Canada province.