Canada, Nova Scotia offering permanent settlement, jobs under new schemes

 Its true. New immigration programs will help it become a reality soon.

New immigration programs to provide jobs, permanent settlement in Canada, Nova Scotia—Canada and its province Nova Scotia has announced some new immigration programs. And these programs will be offering an opportunity of permanent settlement and employment after immigration here.

Canada and its province Nova Scotia has announced employment and permanent settlement opportunities for foreigners wanting to come, live and work here.

This was announced by Rosalinda Baldoz, Labor Secretary, a new recruitment model will be implemented for economic migrants in the month of January next year.

More Flexible, fast and transparent Canada immigration--This model will be named Express Entry(earlier known as Expression of Interest). And this is going to give a transformation to the immigration system of Canada. The new recruitment model is set to be implemented in Canada with effect from January 2015.

It will aim to make Canada immigration system more transparent, flexible, fast and highly focused on fulfilling needs of labor and Canada economy, informed Labor Secretary Baldoz.

As per the information, qualified candidates making an application for Canada immigration(or Nova Scotia Immigration) can look forward to getting their applications processed within a span of six months or even lesser.

Who is eligible for Canada Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)—If you want to know about the eligibilty requirements under Canada PNP, then you need to know that you will get a quick invitation for making an application for Canada permanent residency if you get a nomination or a valid offer of job under Canada PNP.

So, we can simply say that qualified applicants can look forward to a quick Canada immigration application processing in the following immigration programs—

• Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program;

• Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program;

• Canadian Experience Class and;

• A part of the PNP.

Nova Scotia seeking immigrants—If you want to become a part of Nova Scotia labor market forever and are interested to live in Nova Scotia(and work here permanently), then New Nova Scotia Nominee Program—Regional Labor Market Demand Stream is the best bet for you.

The good thing is that for Nova Scotia immigration program there is no need of having a prior offer of job for making an application. Nonetheless, the aim of all such applicants must be to pursue jobs in any occupation designated to be ‘in demand’ by Nova Scotia, affirmed Baldoz.

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