Canada new destination for Indian techies

Yes, this is due to latest new rules to become effective next year, as per the announcement by Canada immigration officials.

Tech professionals must choose Canada—Canada is now the(official) new destination for all tech professionals wanting to make it big overseas. So, if you are from India, have an IT degree and willing to move abroad, then Canada certainly beckons you.

Latest relaxed new Canada immigration rules have undoubtedly made Canada a hot and preferred destination for techies, especialy from India.

Canada eases immigration rules for techies—Canada has announced new simpler immigration norms for Indian techies wanting to make Canada their new home. And this is especially notable keeping in view the fact that the US has recently announced tougher US visa norms for Indian IT professionals.

So, US’ loss is going to be Canada’s gain soon.

Canada has invited all Indian young tech minds to come to Canada. This was revealed by Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander during his recent visit to India.

Canada’s permanent residency for Indian techies—Indian techies having ability to get funds from any angel investor or can manage to get Canada venture capital can look forward to becoming Canada permanent residents. This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Alexander.

This will be possible under Canada’s new pilot project. And it needs to be worth mentioned that already, there are around hundred Canada immigratoin applications under this project. Canada offers easier and simplified Canada permanent residency for any foreign investor.

So, the nation welcomes any Indian willing to buy a Canada firm.

And by being a principal or a manager of a Canada firm for 12 months, then such immigrnats are invited to make an application for Canada permanent residency.

Canada’s flexible, fair immigration policies--Canada has been welcoming a large number of newcomers hailing from India who have made their valuable contributions to Canada economy, clarified Canada immigration minister Alexander.

Already, several IT giants including Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon have set up their big offices in Canada for cashing it up on Indian techies flocking to Canada in the recent times. In the year 2013, around 130,000 Canada visitor visas were issued to Indians.

And nearly 14,000 Canada visas were issued to Indian students wanting to come to Canada for studying here. So, indeed, Canada is already the new preferred destination for Indians.