Canada: More Visas Issued for Indians

Historically, India has been a preferred country by Canada when it came to granting various kinds of visas. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) statistics on the number of visas reveal that a total of 98285 visas were issued from the two visa offices at New Delhi and Chandigarh during the year 2013. Out if this 13.86 per cent were for study permits and the rest were visitor visas.

It is also revealed that just as the number of applicants increased since the year 2004, when the additional visa office was opened in Chandigarh, the approval rate has also gone up from thirty four per cent to approximately fifty per cent. The number could have further increased if fraudulent immigration consultants were prevented from operating alongside the well processed system.

A high and increasing number of students being granted study visas indicate the bright chances of those completing their studies in Canada. In such cases they stand improved chances of qualifying for permanent resident status at a subsequent stage. This increases the chances for those aiming to migrate with capability to earn a living by having the necessary qualifications. Canadian immigration policy initiatives aim at keeping the immigration numbers between two lakh forty thousand and two lakh sixty five thousand. Out of this number about sixty three per cent will be economic migrants and the rest for other reasons of family reunion to humanitarian.

India has always been the test bed when it came to Canada’s effort to implement any reform concerned with visas and immigration. Canada has not unduly tried to lower the number of immigrations except when it had to place a moratorium, on the number meant for family reunification, for reasons of clearing a 8 year backlog.

A Business Express Program (BEP) was launched in India around mid 2008. Provisions permitted visitors to stay for a longer duration of time by employees from registered companies. Interestingly, this program was first launched in India. The number of registered companies stands at over fifty and there are several renowned that can be listed.

It is simple to reason why one would like to visit Canada other than for tourism and random visit to close friends. To study, work, may be settle down after a career and to visit near relatives. With Canada extending the opportunity one must view the prospective ways in which the desire to earn the status of a permanent resident can be conveniently obtained. The priority issues need to be closely viewed and they are:

• An ability to communicate in the official languages, that is, English and French.
• A Canadian study program that gets the person closer to the Canadian way of life.
• Having a younger age profile.
• A Canadian work experience (this has been reduced from 2 years to 12 months).
All the above will fetch higher points when being considered under the Point System and the Federal Skilled Worker Program both being paramount when ultimately putting in an application for permanent residency status.