Canada may abolish ‘Citizenship by birth’

Its being predicted that Canada may abolish its ‘Citizenship by Birth” in the coming times.

Restricting Canada Citizenship by Birth?—As per a report prepared in 2013, Canada has been working out on restricting the much coveted and highly sought-after privelege—Canada citizenship by birth.

As per the current rules, any individual getting birth on Canada soil becomes a Canadian citizen by virtue of the Canada Citizenship by birth right.

Canada’s much popular ‘citizenship by birth’ may soon get abolished, if the estimates are to be believed.

Canadian Citizenship by birth—Its been since the year 1947, Canada has a law that offers Canada citizenship to any person born in Canada irrespective of the fact whether his or her parents are Canadian citizens, Canada permanent residents or foreigners.

So, it simply means that whatever be the status of the parents in Canada, Canadian citizenship by birth makes the individual born in Canada as a Canadian citizen.

Reason for review of Canada citizenship by birth-right?—Well, the reason why Canadian government may restrict conferring Canadian citizenship to anyone born in Canada is due to birth-tourism. This has been revealed by Chris Alexander, Canadian immigration and citizenship minister recently. Now, we need to know what exactly is birth tourism.

Well, birth tourism means when an increasingly large number of foreigners come to Canada for giving birth to their child in Canada in order to make him or her a Canadian citizen.This is birth tourism.

And once, such a child attains 18 years, he or she can offer sponsorship to parents for Canada permanent residency.

So, the report clarified that if Canada removes the Canadian citizenship by birth-right, then an incentive for foreigners to come to Canad and give birth to their babies for getting access to Canada Citizenship will, no longer, be there. Hence, it will lead to preservation of the highly priveleged Canada Citizenship.

It may be worth notable that many foreigners are eager to gain either Canada citizenship or the US citizenship(Canada and the US being the two western nations offering citizenship by birth) since these two nations are the most sought after nations for foreigners wanting to come and live overseas.

Critics of the view argue that denial of Canada citizenship by birth will result in creatoin fo two-tiered citizens.

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