Canada lowers dependent child age to 18 years

Yes, here are some new rules for Canada immigration that have become effective from 1st January, 2014 onwards.

New rules for dependent child age—Age of dependent child has been lowered from 21 to 18 years by Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada). This has been done by making changes to Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

Canada immigration department introduced lower age for dependent child. Now, dependent child age will be 18 years.

So, any application for Canada immigration submitted after 31st December, 2013 will be governed by changed rules for dependent child age.

If your child has attained 19 years on 1st January, 2014, then he or she will not have the eligibility for inclusion in Canada permanent residency application as a dependent child.

Apply for parents/grandparents Canada permanent residents—Do you have parents or grandparents living abroad(outside Canada) who want to become Canada permanent residents?

If yes, then now is the time to make an application for getting Canada permanent residency for your grandparents or parents. Yes, the latest changes to Canada immigration rules will facilitate such a possibility.

So, with effect from 2nd January, 2014, Canadians whose parents or grandparents are not living in Canada can make an application for obtaining Canada permanent residency in Canada.

Dependent child age—Well, as per the rules, the age of dependent child is clarified as—

• Who is less than 19 years and not a common-law partner or a spouse; or

• Is of 19 years or older and has been dependent on the financial support of parent since before 19 years and is not able to financially self-support due to mental/physical condition.

Canada immigration norms allow permanent residents and Canada citizens to offer sponsorship to their eligible siblings along with their parents and grandparents(as per new immigration rules from 2nd January, 2014).

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