Canada live-in caregivers concerned about crackdown on temporary foreign workers

Yes, it is true. It is already quite tough to hire a live-in caregiver in Canad and the decision to have tougher rules has further complicated things for getting live-in caregivers in Canada.

Canada facing severe live-in caregivers shortages—Canada is facing serious shortages of live-in caregivers. This has been revealed by the Association of Caregiver and Nanny Agencies Canada’s head. And the recent announcement of having strict rules for temporary foreign workers program by Canada Employment Minister Jason Kenney is spreading nervousness among live-in caregiver sector.

Canada’s annoucement to have tougher temporary foreign workers program have worried live-in Caregivers sector.

Canada is facing an increasing demand for nannies and this is due to the fact that the nation does not have the required number of Canadian live-in caregivers. And this demand is growing because Canada needs live in caregivers for elderly and ageing population.

It needs to be worth mentioned in this regard that most of the Canadian familes needing caregivers are already finding it hard to get nannies. And the proposals may further complicate the things.

Changes to TFW program jeopardize hiring live-in caregivers—Canada introduced strict rules for temporary foreign worker program last year and these changes have already jeopardized getting live-in caregivers in Canada.

Some of the changes included introduction of $275 processing fee for each live-in caregiver applciation through the LMO(Labor Market Opinion) system.

That’s not all. There has been big increase in the waiting times for Canada live-in caregiver program after the new rules became effective last year.

Some relief for Canada live-in caregiver sector—Meanwhile, the good news for Canada live-in caregiver program is that Canada announced approving 17,500 live-in caregivers annually and this figure is almost twice the figures for the year 2013. Hence, the measure is indeed a positive news for live-in caregivers as well as families needing live-in caregivers in Canada.

Foreign live-in caregivers vital for Canada—Canada needs live-in caregivers for elderly care and children’s care. And this is a facrt admitted by the government as well. However, inspite of this, Canada live-in caregiver program has been facing difficulties every now and then.

Its time Canadian government takes a serious concern of the issue to help eliminate the increasing live-in caregivers shortage being faced by the nation and find a solution.