Canada introduces new Super visas for family reunion

The latest step comes following a noticeable increase in the wait times for Canada family class applications to around seven years or even longer.

Canada super visas for parents and grandparents-Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney said the wait times for Canada family visa applicants will continue to grow longer and longer unless some action is taken by the government of Canada.

Hence, the recent step is aimed to cut wait times, he added. For cutting the backlog, reduce wait times and speed up the inflow of immigrants, Canada needed some action to ensure the immigrants that the family class program is sustainable, Kenney asserted.

Canada multiple entry, ‘Super visa’—Canada multiple-entry ‘Super Visa’ is going to have a validity period of up to 10 years, revealed Canada immigration officials. It will enable applicants to stay in Canada for a period of up to 24 months before applying for a renewal of their Canada visas, Canada immigration officials added.

The officials further informed that Canada will start Canada multiple-entry Super visas with effect from 1st December 2011 onwards. Such Canada visas will be issued within a period of eight weeks from the date of application on an average, the officials claimed.

This step by Canada immigration department is aimed to help parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents to come to Canada multiple times on the same visa as visitors and stay here for a maximum period of two years each time they come to Canada.

Canada to increase intake of parents and grandparents next year—Canada is also going to increase the annual intake of parents and grandparents wanting to come to Canada from next year. As per the plans, Canada will admit a total of 25,000 applicants under Canada family class visas in 2012 as against the current annual limit of 17,500.

This means an increase of nine percent in the percentage of Canada family class immigrants among the total Canada immigrants coming to the nation each year, the immigration minister added. The immigration minister Kenney also maintained that Canada will admit fewer live-in caregivers, business-class immigrants and spouses next year.