Canada introduces new Bridging Open Work Permit

As per Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney, the new process will work towards cutting red tape for skilled foreign workers.

Canada new Bridging Open Work Permit—New Bridging Open Work Permit offers better opportunities to Canada immigrants wanting to become Canada permanent residents to integrate into nation’s labor market.

It will benefit Canadians as well as the nation’s economy, stated Kenney. In addition, the Bridging Open Work Permit will aim to cut red tape for skilled foreigners coming to work in Canada.

Who is eligible for Canada Bridging Work Permit—The new bridging work permit having a validity period of one year(from the date when it is issued) is offered immediately to foreigners in Canada whose current Canada work permit is nearing its expiry date.

However, they need to have filed an application for any of the following Canada immigration programs—

• Applicants for Canada PNP(Provincial Nominee Program);

• Applicants for Canada CEC(Canadian Experience Class);

• Applicants for Canada FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program); or

• Applicants for Canada FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program).

To extend work opportunities to foreigners in Canada—Aim of this new program is to extend the opportunity of legal work in Canada to more and more foreigners already in Canada.

Prior to the introduction of this new Bridging Open Work Permit, applicants waiting for a decision on their application for Canada permanent residence would become ineligible to work in Canada due to expiry of their Canada temporary work permits before processing of their application.

The only solution to this problem was getting an LMO (Labor Market Opinion) by foreign worker’s employer from HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) to help the former apply for extension of his work permit status.

But, now, with the introduction of the new bridging open work permit for temporary foreign workers, the problem of becoming ineligible for work in Canada even for a temporary period will get resolved, agreed Kenney.

It will prevent unnecessary delay in newcomers’ lives who make significant contributions to Canada economy.

This step of Canada Bridge Open Work Permits (which are available for various Canada immigration programs including common-law partners/spouses as well as live-in caregivers) will help Canada attract and retain talented skilled immigrants.

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