Canada improves the parameters for Federal Skilled Workers

Applications for Federal Skilled Workers Program are being accepted from May 1, 2014. With the reopening of the program the parameters for eligibility have also been improved upon by the Government.

Work Experience
• An application would be processed only if an applicant holds a work experience of one full year without any break or discontinuity in between. This should have been obtained in the last ten years’ time.
• The work experience should be a paid one.
• A part time work experience for the same period would be considered if it is paid in similar capacity.
• One should have an offer for job which should be valid and or an arranged employment offer would also be counted by the officials.
• Someone who has enrolled for a PhD program in the country can also apply.
• Someone who has graduated from a Canadian university may also apply under this category.

Official Language Test
One should be fluent in any of the toe official languages of the country, either English or French. One would be devalued on all the four strands of language that is listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The test should have been conducted by any of the institutions approved by Canada, for example IELTS.

Assessing the Educational credential

The educational qualifications obtained on a foreign land by the applicants would be evaluated against the standards of Canada.

Allotting points
The changes would allot a maximum of 25 points for Educational Qualification, 28 for language proficiency, 15 for work experience, 12 for age and 10 points for arranged employment.

Financial support
An applicant would also require proving that he can sustain himself financially after he has arrived on the Canadian land. This would be apart from being able to bear the cost of traveling from his or her home country to Canada.

They will also have to submit proof to assure the officials about bearing the cost of their families who would be coming along with them.
Intake capacity
A maximum of 1000 applications would be accepted under every occupation. A candidate should obtain pas mark criteria set by the immigration Department.

Advantages of visa awarded
• One would be able to work in Canada.
• There would be no restrictions on working in any location within Canada.
• One would be able to apply for citizenship after staying here continuously for three years.
• After becoming a Citizen one would be allowed to travel anywhere in the world without any restriction.

Many have been waiting the reopening of the program for quite some time now. The changes that have been introduced are mostly welcomed by the experts. The intake capacity has been relaxed allowing more number of workers to enter the country. At the same time stricter regulations have been introduced in terms of language proficiency and other criteria. An applicant should be through with the changes before he submits his application. One has to obtain passing marks to get a visa and meet other standard requirements too.