Canada immigration reform will facilitate employers

Canada intends to make the process of immigration more efficient, flexible and faster. This was revealed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.

Redesigning of Canada immigration process—Canada will reform its points based system to give priority to youth and those having language proficiency, Kenney maintained. Canada will have a new economic immigration category for allowing migrants possessing trade skills to come and work here. This will benefit potential immigrants who do not possess qualifying criteria under Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Fast-track Canada immigration for immigrants--Redesigning of Canada immigration system will help employers cherry-pick prospective immigrants wanting to come in Canada, Kenney maintained. This will result in fast-track immigration of applicants clearing other conditions, he stated.

Since, employers are a better judge of the capabilities and skills possessed by prospective immigrants keeping in view the requirements of Canada employment market, so, they will be allowed to choose immigrants needed for working in Canada, Kenney affirmed.

Priority to language fluency—Canada’s reformed immigration process will be giving priority to applicants possessing proficiency in any of the two official languages of Canada, i.e. English or French. Findings of a latest research show language proficiency in Canada’s official languages is crucial to success of new immigrants as well as Canadian economy.

So, professionals will be required to possess fluency in either of the two languages for coming to Canada, Kenney clarified.

But Kenney also maintained that the new rules will be designed so as to make sure that applicants whose profession does not ask for high fluency in language are not denied opportunity to immigrate to Canada. Under current Canada immigration rules, applicants must have Basic English language ability, but there is not any high level of language proficiency.

Canada plans pre-assessment process—Apart from the above stated changes likely to be introduced shortly in Canada immigration system, Canada will also consider introduction of a pre-assessment process for evaluation of foreign credentials of skilled immigrants before they come to Canada.

This will ensure that only those immigrants are allowed to immigrate to Canada whose skills are in high demand in Canada employment market.