As Canada Immigration Queue Gets Longer and Tougher, Provincial Immigration Getting Popular

Strengths of the Bill C-35 and Implications: The Bill C-35 promulgates imposition of strong regulations on consultants who charge exorbitant fee for providing immigrant advice or misrepresenting. The Immigrant Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council [ICCRC], a recently constituted body are the authorized representatives to carry on business for a reasonable fee or any other consideration at any phase of application processing.

There is also a provision for levying massive penalties on unauthorized representatives that would deter their already flourishing business. However, consultants who are presently members of the erstwhile CSIC or Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants could register with the ICCRC. As per Minister Kenney, the ICCRC is totally committed, accountable and transparent along with good governance with a goal to safeguard the interests of consumers. The efforts of the ICCRC, supported by the recently announced legislation would serve the people well and improve the integrity of the immigration laws.

Preference for Provincial Nominee Program: The most preferential routes for fulfilling the objective of acquiring permanent residency in Canada is through the Provincial Nominee Program. It is considerably easier and perfectly legal. In case an applicant desires to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program category, he should ensure that he makes a request for a Letter of Support through the relative Provincial Nominee process, even if there is ample time for the expiration of the work permit. It would make doubly sure that the applicant can apply for an extension of the temporary work permit without bothering about the processing time of the Citizens Immigration Canada [CIC]. A person who has already been working in Canada on a temporary work permit can avail of this unique program as he is entitled to do so due to his capability of contributing towards the economy of the country. He possesses the resilience and adaptability to mingle in the Canadian society and establish himself as a permanent resident.

However, it is essential for such applicants to get themselves a nomination from the state and town where they want to settle down. The Letter of Support forms an authentic and official document proving the acceptance by the state of the applicant as a potential immigrant, prior to his applying for permanent residency with the CIC.

Immigrants as Potential Contributors: There is no doubt that a country like Canada requires substantially more immigrants for sustenance of its economy and the increase of immigrants would serve well to offset the balance of the aging population of the country. Canada is already facing an acute shortage of trained manpower, which could be supplemented through skilled workers.