Canada immigration officials not to consider undocumented Canada work experience

According to Alykhan Velshi, an official spokesperson for Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney, the immigration department is outraged to know that undocumented work experience could be considered for applicants of Canadian permanent residency.

All the officials of CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) are being instructed to stop considering any such work experience for the Canada visa applications.

Recent news released last week had revealed that officials of CIC had given acceptance to the undocumented work experience for Canada visa applications through the provincial nominee programs.

A senior analyst of the CIC’s headquarters based in Ottawa, Jacqueline Desjardins had written in an email that the undocumented work experience can be counted for PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) but there must be a confirmation of the undocumented work experience.

However, Jason Kenney has overruled the above statement of Desjardins.

Desjardins had issued the above statement regarding Canada work experience in reply to an email containing a query sent to the Canada immigration department.

Velshi stated that Canada has its door wide open for those wanting to immigrate provided they are ready to abide by the laws adding that working illegally is a strict violation of the Canadian laws. He added that any person working without a legal Canada work permit is not permissible to Canada as per the IRPA ( Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

The PNP is a part of the Canada immigration process helping the Canadian provinces select immigrants in accordance with the skills in high demand.

According to Olivia Chow, an NDP immigration critic, immigration rules are above all and hence must be respected and adhered to by one and all. She felt her astonishment at the acceptance of the undocumented work experience by Canada immigration officials.

Chow clearly stated that anyone including any Canadian employer found to be employing undocumented workers in Canada with an aim to exploit them must be punished.

She called on the Canadian government for finding a permanent solution to the undocumented immigrants working in Canada.

Presently, Canada has around 500,000 undocumented workers.