Canada Immigration: Fraud Visa Application Agents To Be Nailed Down

Too Premature: The NDP immigration critic, Don Davies cited that the opposition is acting quite prematurely. “The entire stretch of time is surely too quick and not to forget each part of the crackdown has thoughtful steps to take. This is a distinctive and rare act with grave penalties for not some but many people”, he stated. Kenney also assured that Canadian citizenship is not for sale and all the guilty parties will be severely dealt with.

The Probing: Jason Kenney, the Federal Immigration Minister declared on Wednesday the federal government along with a joint RCMP will probe into the matter. It will scrutinize the discovered 1,800 false citizenship holders. Further, Kenney revealed that these 1800 people have never lived in the country and any chances of counter movements by them are very slim. It is important to note that just 67 people have lost their residency status since Confederation.

Process: All the 1,800 people will be sent letters by the government notifying them that their citizenship has been taken back. They will be given a month long time to appeal against it in the Federal Court ahead of the Cabinet making a final resolution. The final resolution is anticipated with greatest troubles. “A fair process is one which gives people a bit more time to be ready. In essence, these people have themselves been foxed by the false immigration agent, perhaps they were unaware,” said Davies.

How Others View It: The representative house leader, Kevin Lamoureaux, also feels that the process needs of some fixing. He believes that Kenney & Co. should be vigilant. “There is no dearth of reasons why any misunderstandings can’t arise,” he cited. “One has to take care of the past times when many people were victims to some or the other kind of fraud,” he added. Whilst many others believe that government should have enacted the law by now.

From The Agents: An official from the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, Wali Farah advises to think positively. According to him, the citizens should know that a great majority of immigration to Canada is legitimate. Yet, he supports that law should be equally bound to all, even the new Canadians. “I wish for transparency in the law. People should be confirmed that information provided on the PR applications is authentic,” stated Creates, an immigration lawyer.