Canada immigration—Successful for newcomers

Official figures show a large number of foreigners having come to Canada and having successfully settled in Canada society and Canadian way of life.

And this really adds to the role of Canada immigration programs proving highly beneficial for Canada newcomers.

Canada permanent residency—a privilege for foreigners—Foreigners who gain Canada permanent residency following fulfillment of the required obligations can look forward to a number of priveleges in Canada. As a Canada permanent resident, one can live and work in any part of Canada legally.

So, its no wonder each year, a large number of foreigners come to Canada through a variety of immigration schemes suited to their respective requirements.

Whether you want to come to Canada as a skilled foreign worker or through any PNPs(Provincial Nominee Program) of different Canadian provinces is up to you to decide. Under these Canada immigration programs, you can gain Canada permanent residency on the basis of your success in the employment market of Canada.

Canada permanent residency and Canada citizenship help foreigners get special rights and enjoy special privileges lawfully.

So, Canada immigration will keep in view your age, language proficiency and your work experience.

Canada Citizenship—Greater benefits, more privileges—And once you become a Canada permanent resident after fulfilling the rules and requirements, you can look forward to becoming a legal and a lawful Canada citizen.

For this, you need to make an application for Canada citizenship. No doubt, you must have fulfilled the requirement of the minimum stay period in Canada required for Canada citizenship application.

Once you gain Canadian citizenship, you will have the privilege of casting your vote in Canada. And thus, you are allowed to take active part in Canada political system. Isnt it great! Indeed.

Moreover, as a Canadian citizen, you can have a Canada passport or gain exemption from the requirements of residency required by Canada permanent residents to be fulfilled. Getting Canadian citizenship is, after all, a matter of pride for immigrants.

It gives a sense of belonging to Canada. Canada offers a better way of life, higher standard of living and a brighter future not to just themselves but also to their children in the times to come. It ensures success not just professionally but also academically to immigrants in Canada.

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