Canada gets prepared for launching Express Entry program: Would it benefit the stakeholders?

In a recent statement, Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander had said, “The economic immigration system is reformed to make it faster, fairer and flexible.”

The Minister also said that Express entry would make an effort to connect employers with those immigrants willing to become permanent residents. Employers can bring skilled immigrants as permanent residents faster than they ever could.

In the same breath he also said that work is in progress by both provincial and territorial Governments so that January of 2015 can see a smooth launch of Express Entry and it becomes a success.

Meeting with employers
There have been meetings conducted with potential employers all across the country to work out a model which would make the most of the program.

As decided, the program would be offered for all the four programs: FSWP, FSTP, CEC and PNP. All of these constitute the economic immigration program.

The Job Bank which will be created as a part of the plan would help the employers to choose pick immigrants suiting their requirement and vacancy. These selected candidates would make an application through Express Entry program, after they receive a job offer from an employer in Canada.

Advantage for Canadian workers
Country has been suffering with the issue of local workers not being offered a job, instead immigrants are preferred.

With redesigning of “Express Entry” a list of jobs would only be created if local workers are not available for the same. And hence the possibility of preferring a foreign worker would get controlled.

Advantage for the Immigrant workers
Since they would be applying against the vacancies for which no local worker is available, they would be getting a chance to be in Canada quite legally.

Earlier when the applications were processed an applicant had to wait for not less than two years, but now the processing should be complete in half a year.

When they come to Canada, they will be enjoying the status of “permanent residents” which will give them a legal base to be here in the country quite confidently.

Advantage for employers
Applicants would require submitting every possible detail about their skill, education and even language fluency proof. So an employer would now feel more confident choosing pick an immigrant worker than he did before. Employers would not have to struggle with the issue of labor and skill shortage once the program is launched.

Changes to Express Entry Program seem to be quite a big relief for many who could not hire foreign workers according to the need of the job. For immigrants too, it is supposed to bring a big relief in the way that they will get the job offer along with their presence being marked to be legal and lawful. The locals would be happy to understand that any opening would be offered to them first and then would be transferred to the foreign entities. Overall, the impact should be beneficial for every stakeholder involved in the process.