Canada foreign worker plan to be streamlined

Giving details about the issue, Jason Kenney, Canada immigration minister said the program will be streamlined shortly to help companies in Canada bring immigrant workers and also overcome labor scarcity in certain industries in Alberta.

Kenney asserts on increasing efficiency, eliminate obstacles in temporary foreign worker program—Kenney has assured that the meeting with business leaders to be held in Calgary Chamber of Commerce next month will help in easing difficulties faced by employers wanting to hire foreign workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The announced meet in the month of October follows a couple of meetings held throughout the nation with regard to issues concerning immigration including appropriate mix of immigration and immigration levels, he informed.

Speaking about the need for streamlining the process of Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Kenney said new regulations have already come into effect on 1st April. And to solve other problems in this program, new changes will be introduced shortly.

The motive is to chalk out a process that is highly efficient by eliminating red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy to make sure the temporary foreign worker program works for the economy of Alberta, informed Kenney.

Temporary foreign worker program—Canada’s temporary foreign worker program enables recruitment of immigrant workers for a temporary period of time for providing support to the economic development of the nation.

However, the only requirements for the employers in Canada using this program are to show that they were unable to fill the vacant jobs from suitable Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada apart from assuring that such immigrant workers will not have any negative effect on the job market of Canada.

Consultation on Temporary Foreign Worker Program—Among the invitees to the consultations concerning Temporary Foreign Worker Program will be employers and labor representatives from agriculture, hospitality industries, oil and gas and construction.

The consultation will be co-hosted by Diane Finley, Human Resources and Skills Development Minister. Giving details, Minister Finley said a number of issues are being worked on currently.

These initiatives, when implemented, will result in making Temporary Foreign Worker Program in tune with the requirements of labor market and help provide much needed support to the economic development.