Canada a favorite employment hub for jobless Americans

As per immigration lawyers in Canada, more and more Americans are showing interest to move to Canada for getting jobs here.

Record number of Americans seeking Canada temporary work visas— In fact, last year’s figures revealed by Canada immigration department are a proof that Canada witnessed a record number of applications for Canada temporary work visas from Americans. And this clearly signals the widening gaps between the labor markets of these two neighboring nations.

Canada is reportedly facing shortage of skilled workforce while the neighboring US is failing to deal with soaring rates of joblessness.

The scenario in America has already worsened with the recent financial crisis engulfing the nation.

Taking a look at the jobless rates of both these nations shows the differences between both these nations. While Canada has a jobless rate comfortably stable at 6.3 percent, the US, on the other hand, is fighting to control its unemployment rate of 9.1 percent thereby rendering around 14 million Americans jobless.

Meanwhile, Canadian province Alberta has admitted shortage of skilled workers in oil sector and is chalking out ways to allow higher number of skilled workers from America to fill the skills gap.

Canadians returning from America for better prospects–-A large number of Canadians who had shifted to America several years ago are considering returning back to Canada once again in search of better employment opportunities especially in finance and law, admits Sergio Karas, an immigration lawyer from Toronto.

And, more and more Americans are looking to immigrate to Canada keeping in view increased employment opportunities and better quality of living there.

Canada boasts of stable housing market, quality and affordable healthcare facilities and a strong banking system.

This is nothing but a reverse brain drain from America to Canada, adds Karas. Canada has managed to remain unscathed from the 2008 global economic recession and this has resulted in increasing its stability in the global market.

It has been ranked as among the best nations for living and doing business abroad. No wonder, Canada is planning to tap the vast skilled potential of American workforce.

According to Canadian immigration minister, Jason Kenney, Canada is looking to its solve labor shortage by alluring Americans into the nation.