Canada for faster jobs to new Canadians

This has been revealed by Canada government.

Canada to help new Canadians get jobs quickly—Canada Minister of Culturalism, Social Development and Employment Jason Kenney said new Canadians will ensure faster recognition of foreign credentials of internationally trained professionals. This will help new Canadians get jobs in their respective fields faster after coming to Canada.

Canada will enable new Canadians get jobs in their chosen field more easily and quickly after coming to Canada.

Revamp of BC foreign credentials program—Foreign credentials program in BC is getting overhauled. This has been announced by the federal government. A federal funding of $3.3 million has been announced by Kenney for the BC(British Columbia).

This will helpin faster recognition of immigrants’ foreign credentials. All these steps will help in enabling immigrants in Canada get jobs easily and faster. 30 projects will get funding to remove any obstacles in the way of recognition of foreign credentials of immigrants in Canada.

Among the projects included in the recent funding by Canada government are outreach and consulting with stakeholders and employers, new online tools for better information to new Canadians about new hot jobs in Canada.

BC employers will get the required workers for filling job vacancies and foreign trained professionals will be successful in getting good paying jobs in BC. This will ensure optimum utilization of skills and experience of newcomers to Canada.

New Canada jobs for newcomers--Speaking about the new move, Jason Kenney said the top priorities of Canadian government are creating new jobs, ensuring economic development and long-term prosperity of the nation.

Skilled foreigners coming to Canada face a lot of obstacles in getting their foreign credentials recognised and realizing their dream of getting a job in Canada after immigrating here.

So, with these efforts, new Canadians will be able to find not just jobs in their chosen field but also well-paying Canada jobs. And this will also help in filling shortages of required workers in in-demand Canada jobs.

1 million BC job openings by 2020—By the year 2020, Canadian province BC(British Columbia) has estimated around 1million new job openings.

Speaking about it, Suzanne Anton, BC Attorney General, stated that its of no worth to let new Canadians having skills keep waiting unnecessarily for getting foreign credentials certified after coming to Canada.