Canada to fast-track skilled immigrants

This has been announced by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.

Fast-track skilled immigration to combat skills shortages—In a bid to combat increasing shortage of tradespersons in the nation, Canada has vowed to remove all the bottlenecks in the way of expedite entry of skilled tradespersons.

The government of Canada admitted that the current skilled worker process makes it difficult for hiring foreign workers and this is due to increased focus on post-secondary qualifications of the foreigners. So, a new immigration program will come into effect from 2nd January, 2013, Kenney informed.

The new skilled immigration program will allow entry of not more than 3,000 foreigners into Canada in 2013.

Canada’s new immigration program for skilled workers will become effective from January next year and will ease immigration of skilled tradespersons into the nation.

New Skilled Trades Program for curbing skills shortage–Giving details about the efforts by Canada, Kenney said its for the very first time that Canada will have an immigration program solely dedicated to entry of skilled tradesmen. Serious labor shortages, especially in some Canadian regions, will be addressed through the launch of this new skilled trades stream, he maintained.

It’s these foreigners who will be instrumental in making positive and significant contributions to the economy of Canada, he affirmed. The reforms in immigration process were due for quite some time now and are aimed to make the immigration process fairer, fast and flexible, he quipped.

Federal Skilled Trades Program—New Federal Skilled Trades Program will allow entry of welders, pipefitters, heavy duty equipment mechanics, electricians and others wanting to work in Canada.

The best part of this new skilled immigration scheme of Canada is that skilled foreigners will not have to wait for as long five to eight years because it’s a new immigration program. So, there is no immigration queue, Kenney informed.

The list of skilled occupations is being planned currently by CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) by having discussions with Canadian territories, provinces and partners of federal government. The list will be announced before 2nd January,2013.

This skilled trades immigration program will have its focus on jobs, development and long-term prosperity of the national economy. And it will complement other immigration categories available for skilled tradesmen including Canada PNP(Provincial Nominee Programs) and CEC(Canada Experience Class).