Canada to fast-track foreign credential recognition for 10 new occupations

This has been revealed by Canada government recently. Canada to prioritize recognition of foreign credentials—Canada will give top priority to recognition of foreign credential requirements. Giving the details, Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander and Canada jobs minister Jason Kenney said ten new occupations will be added in the Canada occupations qualifying list for temporary foreign workers program. So, Canada government will be improving recognition of foreign credentials in alliance with Canada territories and Canadian provinces for 10 more priority occupations including healthcare and skilled trades. This will be done in a bid to find a solution to the looming shortage of workforce skills in Canada.

Canada is going to have simpler requirements for foreign credential recognition by adding 10 new occupations to the list of priority occupations(to be fast-tracked).

10 new Canada priority occupations—Let us see the details of 10 new Canada priority occupations here— These include geoscientists, electricians, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, heavy duty equipment technicians, audioligists, welders, midwives, psychologists, lawyers and speech language pathologists. The reason why all the above stated new occupations have been selected(in the skilled trades) is due to the fact of a high demand in some Canadian regions and Canada sectors. And in order to improvise the health and quality of life of Canada people, Canada government has chosen occupations in the field of health care. This was clarified by Canada Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Culturalism. Engineers and dentists were already included in the first group of 14 occupations(in the priority assessment program). The government of Canada has maintained that the step is in tune with the repeated calls by foreign trained workers for fast-trackign foreign credential recognition to help them save from working at low-skilled and low-paid Canada jobs. Great step for foreign skilled workers—Foreigners wanting to get their foreign credentials recognised by Canada will certainly approve this step as a wonderful act by Canada government. According to director of employment and language programs at Mosaic(a Vancouver based non-profit organisation), Joan Anderson, its really appreciable to have focus on trades since Canada is facing shortage of skilled trades professionals. Hence, it’s a great step indeed, he affirmed. It will enable new Canadians to use their skills sooner throughout Canada, maintained Kenney.