Canada encourages guest worker visa for Mexicans

An estimate suggests that U.S. farms hire as many as 2 million workers every year and most of them enter the country illegally.

The matter of debate is to make proposals to expand the temporary worker program so that the labor demand of U.S. can be met in the future in a lawful manner.

The scenario in U.S.

Almost 50,000 seasonal agricultural visas are issued by USA every year for availing Mexican workers.
In spite of issuing so many visas, the Officials from Mexico blame the system of U.S. to be inefficient and bureaucratic. They inform that the recruiters charge a hefty amount to get the Mexicans a job and a visa.

Many of the Mexican labors are reported of leaving USA because of non-availability of basic facilities like food in the country. And, unfortunately, these are the industries which have always dependent upon low paid labor force coming from countries like Mexico.

The scenario in Canada

Government officials in Canada partner with Mexican officials so that workers can be recruited in a legal way. In turn, these workers are provided with the basic minimum facilities so that they get their health and safety covered by the employers.

Also, the Mexican labors coming to Canada need not take the pain of paying for their traveling costs.
Once the season comes to an end, the employers in Canada take every possible measure for sending them back to Mexico safe and sound.

The estimates in Canada

There are Mexican labors earning as much as more than $10 every hour for working in a grape year, tending the grapes.

Last year alone, Canada imported almost 16,000 Mexican temporary workers and this hiring was arranged between he officials of the two countries.

The labors coming from Mexico are also extremely happy for the kind of facilities they get and the amount of money they earn as “Guest workers”.

Many who believed the flow of Mexican workers to be the simplest thing on this earth, will now have to change their concept. And this is merely due to the selection of country by these labors. Since they get a favorable environment of working in Canada along with all the basic facilities required, hence they have started preferring to move here more than any other country like they did before.